Your Janitorial Management System

Clock in with our mobile application or call into our phone system. Many janitors still do not have smartphones and batteries often die. When you need both clock in methods, JaniTime is your answer.


Easy setup

Intuitive interface


Clock in/out with
your smartphone

Our smartphone app is included without any extra charges. For staff that have smartphones this is the simplest way of clocking in and out of their buildings. All your associate has to do is enter the building code and press the clock in/out button.

Clock in phone screen
Real Time Tracking phone screen

Real time tracking

You think an employee is doing something fishy? Turn on tracking and watch their bread crumbs in real time or after on your JaniTime website.

Forgot to clock out? No more!

We wrap your buildings with an imaginary barrier called a geofence. When your staff steps out of it they are clocked out. This means you are no longer paying for employees forgetting to clock out. This eliminates time card fraud from cleaners doing other activities while on the clock.

Auto clock out phone screen

Our web application allows you to manage employees, messages, billing and building status. Daily reports keep you informed of the most important issues. Everything, in a centralized spot.

Ready to join?

JaniTime's base plan is just $9.95 per month!